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    IRS Error - CP 01A Notices


    The IRS, on Tuesday, announced an error on the CP 01A notices sent to taxpayers with Identity Protection PINs. The error indicates that the IP PIN is for the 2014 tax return, however it is for the 2015 tax return.

    IRS emphasized in their notice that the PINs are valid for 2015 returns and should be used as such. Taxpayers are receiving the notices now and some will probably receive theirs even as late as the middle of January.

    Original Error Notice

    Tax Season Start Date

    IRS has announced January 19 as the date that they will begin to accept individual returns and April 18 as the filing deadline.  This followed the finalization and passing of the tax extenders law in mid-December. 

    They expect to take in over 150 million individual returns in 2016! With all of the identity theft experienced last year, IRS has been working as part of the Security Summit to establish stronger protections for taxpayers this season.  We wish them much success in this area!

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    States Looking At Regulatory Boards

    Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States, (SCOTUS), ruled that some state boards or panels could be violating antitrust laws. According to the AP story, the concern is that boards made up of industry professionals could, in some cases, try to limit competition from outsiders.

    In regulating an industry, a board can have a significant impact on consumers. The likely end result of reduced competition would be a limited availability of services and higher prices for the services which are available.

    The Texas Association of CPAs feels that our members and the public should be aware of this US Supreme Court ruling. For more information, please see the article at the link just below.

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